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About Galactic Bridge - Research & Technology

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About Galactic Bridge

Galactic Bridge - Research & Technology (GB) is a nonprofit Research and Technology organization based in Kuala Lumpur. The people of GB are becoming the leading experts in the usage of advanced technologies that help humans and we look forward to becoming leading experts in the function of every organ in the human body. Today we focus on solutions and accurately map how diseases are created and how they progress in our bodies. This is important so as to better predict, prevent or diminish the effect of the entire range of human illnesses. To better understand the role environmental factors play, and assure a longer, healthier life for all of humankind. GB is literally at the epicenter of creating a new future for human health. GB neither is a classical definition of an academic organization nor is it a biotechnology company. We are unique. Unlike in traditional academic departments, our faculty are cross-disciplinary and work collaboratively toward a common vision. This cross-disciplinary approach enables us to take on big, complex problems. While we are vision-driven, GB is also deeply committed to sharing that knowledge with the researchers anywhere anytime. : We strategically partner and collaborate with the industry to transfer technologies, products and new concepts generated by our advanced research and methods. We also transfer knowledge via advanced courses for postdoctoral students and professionals. 


Vision, Mission & Objectives



To be recognized as a global model for a research and technology intensive center, that redefines learning and discovery in a global context and sets new standards in science and Technology .




To conduct research and development as a world-class research institution, and to integrate realistic and modern research and science to achieve advanced solutions that serve humanity.   



To establish interdisciplinary collaborative research and development capability in science, medicine, management,advanced energy and sustainability.

To educate individuals to be innovators with the breadth and depth to develop technology and enterprises globally.establish interdisciplinary collaborative research and development capability in science, medicine, management and advanced energy and sustainability.


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